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Jet Aviation Business Jets
As one of the largest aircraft management, flight support and charter companies in the world, our global teams of aviation professionals have the experience and know-how to ensure your daily aircraft operation needs are met 24/7, wherever you happen to be. And whether you require a comprehensive turn-key solution or a more personalized service program, our highly trained flight services experts are pleased to help develop the perfect service package tailored to meet your needs.

Our flight operation centers in EMEA & Asia are located in Cologne (Germany), Dubai (United Emirates), Dusseldorf (Germany), Hong Kong, Malta, Singapore and Zurich (Switzerland). The Hong Kong, Cologne and Zurich offices operate 24-hours in conjunction with the company’s Teterboro (USA) location to ensure constant availability of flight planning and reservations.

Jet Aviation Business Jets have been providing turnkey aircraft management package to commercial and private aircraft owners and operators for over 40 years and understand the advantages our clients seek in ownership – as well as the complexities of daily flight operations they would rather avoid. Over 200 clients have benefited from our expertise and global reach. Our aircraft management customers value the simplicity of ownership our services provide as well as appreciate the savings passed on directly to them.

Our global presence represents significant buying power that generates substantial savings in insurance premiums, fueling and other operating costs. If commercial management is chosen, we are able to help you benefit from your ownership by chartering your aircraft when it would otherwise not be flying.

Đổi thẻ trò chơiShould you wish to remain the legal operator of your aircraft, we are pleased to tailor solutions to meet your operational needs as an alternative to classic aircraft management. Through our Flight Support Solutions, you retain full control and operation of your aircraft and select from our available modules only the services you require to help you lower your operating costs and increase your efficiency:.

  • Fuel purchasing through Jet Aviation fuel carnet (lower costs due to buying power)
  • Dispatch Services / Flight Planning
  • Aircraft and Passenger Insurance (at low premiums)
  • CAMO / Maintenance Coordination
  • Aircraft acceptance and competitions monitoring
  • EU ETS
  • Administration Services (cost control)


Jet Aviation can help clients evaluate, purchase or sell aircraft, providing full technical support and completing the aircraft registration process on your behalf. We can also assist with completions supervision and technical acceptance of aircraft, and offer services to ensure compliance with EU ETS regulations, to support the import process of aircraft and to navigate the complexities of the Safety Management System.